It is our dream that every (sales)organization is successful. People are the most important factor for success in sales and they are most successful when employed in an environment that allows them to use their specific talents.

So to fulfill our dream every day we work to bring professionals and organizations together in a mutually beneficial partnership. This starts with our recruitment procedure. With our advanced jobmarketing, optimized search and broad network we find the best sales people. With personal interviews for every candidate and the possibility of utilizing advanced assessments we find out exactly where candidates may excel and how they can help your organization grow further and become (more) successful in sales.

Both employers and candidates can count on our experience and expertise; open, direct, personal and realistic. It will help you in making the right decisions. We provide complete recruitment procedures, assessments, coaching, training and development. A combination that facilitates you in every aspect to be successful in sales!

Please reach out to us by e-mail (mail@avdiensten.nl) or give us a call at +31 (0)33-2860150. We can't wait to help you!